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Our business is combination of International Grocery Store and Restaurant specializes in East African, Mid-Eastern, and East-European foods. Also our restaurant specialize in  Somali food (Rice Pilaf( Bariis in Somali, Goat Curry, Lamb Shank,,,,etc)

Nur isn't a fancy place; it's more like an old-fashioned corner store, with imported goods from around the globe. The shelves are filled with semolina flour, sesame candy, roasted and raw nuts of all sorts, dried and canned chickpeas, Moroccan sardines, brightly colored bulk spices, big bags of basmati rice, canned baba ghanoush.


Established in 2008.

Nur Market and Restaurant is a family owned business and was started by three of the older brother (Ismail, Mohamed, and Abdul Osman). We, the Osman family came to Tucson as a refugee from Mogadishu, Somalia, one month before civil war broken in 1990. We Osman family saw the local refugee community expand and jumped at the business opportunity. In 2008 Nur Market was opened and restaurant was added in 2010.

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